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Over the past three years, how many times have you been in shape and than out of shape?

You train hard at some type of aerobic workout or resistance training or a combination of the two and get in great shape. Than ether through injury, illness or just boredom with your fitness routine you end up back overweight and out of shape.

 Shouldn’t you have more for your effort?

How about taking that same amount of time and energy you are currently putting towards fitness, but instead of having little to nothing after 3 years you earned a Black Belt!

I know what your thinking, I can’t do that I’m too old, overweight, not tough enough, not coordinated enough, don’t want to fight or I’m not in good enough shape to do Martial Arts.

And those excuses might be legitimate challenges for any other martial arts program but not for Jim Graden’s Personal Empowerment Black Belt Course.

This course is designed with you in mind because it’s designed to bring out the best in anyone that is willing to set longer term goals in fitness.

We all know how fast 3 years can go by.

In just 3 years you can be a Black Belt

We're not talking about a watered down, can’t fight your way out of a paper bag, kind of Black Belt or a Mixed Martial Arts program designed for 20 year olds who want to climb into the ring or cage and fight.

 We're talking about a legitimate Black Belt from one of the most respected martial artists in the country.


             Jim Graden talks abourt the Personal Empowerment Black Belt Program


Jim Graden’s Personal Empowerment Course is designed for the average person that wants much more out of their fitness routines. This cutting edge program combines all the things that Jim Graden has learned over his 35 plus years of training in the martial arts and in fitness. Including Joe Lewis Fighting System, Cobra Self-Defense and the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) all rolled into a 3-year life changing martial arts black belt course. LEARN MORE ABOUT JIM GRADEN

 “My Personal Empowerment Black Belt Program includes everything that I feel a legitimate Black Belt should know from my experience in martial arts and fitness”

Jim Graden

Jim Graden with his Trainer and Mentor Joe Lewis

The Personal Empowerment Black Belt Course includes the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Combat Sequences and fight strategies, the Modern & effective Cobra Self-Defense system, and the Nutrition and Fitness goal setting of the Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC). All rolled into a course that will have a major impact on your life.

 In this course we will engage your mind as well as your body as work on perfecting modern martial arts techniques in a safe and controlled manner that has massive health benefits.

It’s designed for anyone that really wants to achieve something more for the time and effort you put into fitness training.

 A cutting edge system that combines short-term goals (2-3 months) that lead to the ultimate goal of Black Belt in just 3 years.

So if you are thinking about training with us why don't you pick up the phone and give us a call. It could be the first step to a NEW BETTER YOU!


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