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Martial Arts Fitness Seminole FL


SPECIAL UBC 6.0 for $99 

START DATE: Saturday, January 26th 2019

DURATION: 6-weeks

COST: $99

Don't delay this is going to be a very special UBC!

It is selling fast with a limited amount of spots available! For more info 

 Call 727-798-5269 

or just click to register for UBC  



The UBC is a 1 course and Contest that starts throuout the year. It combines fitness kickboxing, resistance training, flexibility and a sound nutritional program to get you in the best shape of your life. It is also doable.  Practically anybody can stay focused on fitness for at least 6 weeks.


KICKBOXING - Kickboxing offers a great full-body workout because it requires you to use every major muscle group in your body. Your heart rate will soar and stabilize several times throughout the class, which is optimal for weight loss.


STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING - Tighten and tone with the UBC Upper, Lower and Full Body Strength & Conditioning Classes.



FLEXIBILITY - Complete, Yoga Styled, Stretching Routines in Every UBC Class.


The real reason the Ultimate Body Challenge is so successful is the people involved. When you start the UBC you are not doing it alone. You start with a group on people who are going on the same fitness journey.



COACHING -  The coaches are people who have finished the course, had great results and are volunteering to help you achieve the same goals. Your coaches help you set goals and stay motivated throughout the course. This is only one of the many unique aspects of the UBC.



FULLY ILLUSTRATED MANUAL - Your fully illustrated manual/workbook, will guide you throughout the course. It includes chapters on all aspects of the course plus fitness evaluation and workout charts.

" Please allow me, and my UBC staff, help and guide you to be the person you want to be. Its does not matter where you are starting, all that matters is where you want to go."

Jim Graden

JUST CALL 727-798-5269 OR CLICK  FOR UBC 6.0  

Don't delay space is Limited!

 Additional questions about the UBC? Please e-mail us at Jimgradenmartialarts@gmail.com